Jubilee Power - Switchgear


♦ MANUAL SWITCHGEAR housed in a sheet steel control cubicle.
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♦ AUTOMATIC MAINS FAILUURE (AMF) SWITCHGEAR designed to operate the generating set automatically in the event of mains power failure.
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Multiple Unit Operation

The application flexibility of Jubilee generating sets is clearly shown when synchronous operation and variability on load demand is required.

The multiple unit concept that the advanced automatic synchronisation makes possible, moreover offers high reliability, better overall performance and reduction in fuel and maintenance costs being able to produce the right amount of power at any given time.

Jubilee multiple generating sets can operate:-
♦ Manually with set mounted control panel enabling each set to operate as a separate unit or with main switchboard common to all sets
♦ Automatic start with automatic synchronising and load sharing
♦ Automatic synchronous operation with peak load lopping facilities