Acoustic Canopies

Close fit Acoustic Enclosure, designed to reduce noise levels to 85db(A)@1m in free field conditions.

Made in zinc plated steel, press-formed and fastened to the base frame;
Painting by powder coating, standard RAL color 9010;
Lifting hooks for the versions up to 100kVA;
Multi-density cell soundproofing material fire- resistant
Class 1;
Stainless steel latches with keys included;
Emergency button;
Canalized airflow intakes and outlets equipped with water traps.

Made in steel, press-formed, with suitable thickness;
Bolted by galvanized bolts;
Painting by powder coating RAL colour 9010;
Battery support.

Residential exhaust muffler mounted inside the canopy up to 100kVA with a noise reduction of 38dB(A);
Float level sensor.

Fuel tank with various capacities depending on the model (see the table below);
Thereafter externally mounted with raincap.

Sand trap louvre
Drip tray for engine fluid collection
Fuel level sensor
Lifting kit 100kVA and above.

Standard Economy Canopies

Jubilee acoustic canopies 67db(A) @7M

Bespoke Canopies

Jubilee acoustic canopy 65db(A) @1M

Jubilee acoustic canopy 85db(A) @1M

Jubilee acoustic canopy 85db(A) @1M