Jubilee Power

The company, originally named Jubilee Enterprises, was established in 1982.

Jubilee generating sets are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards demanded in terms of quality, reliability, performance and durability, recognising the needs of the market.

The engines and alternators incorporated in the Jubilee range are world renowned. All plant is manufactured at our specifically designed factory in England, and built to the latest British Standard and ISO specification.

A wide range of sets at 50Hz and 60Hz are offered. All of these can be built to specific requirements laid down by the customer, taking into account continual variation in criteria such as the consideration of circuitry, noise, emission control, location and operation.

Jubilee takes on all aspects of generating set and control system design, project management, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance. Our extremely high standards are continued through an international network of distributors and agents. This ensures field service and local parts availability throughout the world.

Jubilee recognises the necessities of the customer and has continually developed their products to accommodate these demands. The broad knowledge of the Jubilee team plus the experience of their suppliers of prime elements allows them to guarantee the finest choice of equipment for each project.

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